On Turning One....

Hello darlings, have you missed me? I am sorry I didn’t get a blog post written in July, but you see, I had a party to plan! My mom opened her store last summer so we wanted to throw a big to-do to celebrate all of the people who’ve made her first year in business a success.

Forbes says that 80% of new businesses fail within their first 18 months of operation.  My mom is almost past that milestone, she’s been in business for 13 months, and if I know her, she’s going to blow right past that 18-month mark without so much as a blink of her eye. 

I fancy myself a bit of a business whiz, so I’ll share with you the Top 3 Reasons why I think my mom’s dreams of being a small business owner have come true.

  1. She’s easy to talk to.  It’s rare that someone comes in the store that doesn’t end up spending 15 or 20 minutes chatting.  My mom’s love of jewelry and years of experience in design and repair means she can relate to her customers.  She listens to their needs and helps them find a solution.  She also loves to talk about Netflix.  If you need a recommendation for what show to binge watch next, she’s your girl (hint: it’s Stranger Things).

  2. MADE is pretty unique. There are loads of jewelry stores in Berks County that feature diamond this and bridal that with price points from $1000 - $10,000.  And there are even more places to buy $20 costume jewelry that you’ll wear once before it breaks. But what about every day jewelry that is beautiful and made to last?  What about jewelry that can be given as a gift without breaking the bank?  What about jewelry for people who don’t like loads of sparkle and bling?  What about jewelry for people who don’t want to wear what everyone else is wearing? What about jewelry for people who value long lasting quality and silver that won’t make your skin turn green? MADE’s inventory covers all of those bases and does it with American designers who have the same high standard for quality and ethics that my mom does.  You’ll find items in our store from $50 - $900 and everything is REAL sterling silver, 14k gold, natural gemstones and other organic materials. 

    And let’s not forget that all repairs are done on-site.  That’s a big deal. We know it’s hard to take off your favorite piece of jewelry and hand it over to a stranger not knowing where it might be headed or how many hands will touch it before you get it back.  When you drop your jewelry off for repair at MADE, it STAYS at MADE.  That truly is a unique service for our area. 

  3. It really all boils down to customers, right? No customers means no money. No money means no electric.  No electric means The Man comes and shuts us down.  Awesome people walk in the door every day and check out our inventory, gab for a few minutes, and maybe even play with me. They leave and they tell someone. Or they leave and they come back.  Or they leave and they come back AND they bring a friend.  We have the BEST customers. 

And so, this past weekend when we threw our Birthday Party, it wasn’t only to celebrate our first year in business.  It was also to thank all of the people who made it possible.  We had tons of amazing cake from Ady Cakes, Secrets Bakery and Miss Yassy. We had champagne and balloons and everyone who purchased a piece of jewelry did so at a discount.  It was our very first sale and it was the best way we could think of to say thank you. 

Do you know what WASN’T at the party? Me! Something about “eating all the cake…” whatever that means.  Until next time darlings!