Hello darlings, it’s me Ruby.  I know you’ve all been wondering how I’ve been coping since my mom’s store caught on fire and rest assured, I am A.O.K.  The store? Not so much.  In case you missed it, here’s what happened…

On Saturday, August 27th, my mom and my sister were at the shop closing up for the day when mom noticed a whole crowd of people outside yelling and making a spectacle of themselves. They went out to see what the fuss was about and lo and behold, the roof was on fire! Well, you can bet that was a pretty upsetting sight to see.  My mom and dad worked really hard making MADE the most beautiful store on the Avenue and they didn’t have a choice but to watch it go up in smoke.

75 fire fighters from eight different companies came quickly (and whooo-eee, darlings, let me tell you that the roof wasn’t the only hot thing on the 500 block that day) and were able to control the fire in about an hour.  They determined that the fire started on the wooden roof deck of the second floor apartment (luckily the tenants weren’t home at the time) and our building, along with the neighbors on either side of us sustained nearly $150,000 of damage.

The second floor sustained the brunt of the damage, but the first level, where the shop is, didn’t escape unscathed.  All the water that the firefighters shot at the fire had to go somewhere, right? What goes up, must come down.  There’s also a fair amount of smoke damage, but we’re no fools and we know that things could’ve been much, much worse. 

So, my mom has had the insurance adjustors come along with a contractor and a restoration company and things are moving along quite nicely.  The contractor even thinks we might be able to open the doors again at the beginning of October…just in time to place your custom holiday orders.

If you need your MADE fix sooner than that, please come see us on Saturday! We’re going to set up shop outside the store for West Reading’s Fall Festival and our inventory will be on display and available for purchase. 

Many thanks darlings, for being so understanding and helpful in our time of need.  Rest assured that MADE will be back, better than ever and in the blink of an eye!