Perfectly Imperfect

Hi friends, it’s me – Ruby! I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me, but I’ve been awfully busy helping my mom design her new rustic diamond line and frankly darlings, I’m just exhausted at the end of the day. 

A selection of stackable rings featuring rustic diamonds. Note the range in color from cool gray to nearly black

A selection of stackable rings featuring rustic diamonds. Note the range in color from cool gray to nearly black

Speaking of rustic diamonds, you’ve seen the new collection designed by my mom, Chrissy, right?  They are BEE-YOU-TI-FUL.  For real. But maybe you’re wondering, “what the heck is a rustic diamond, and why on earth would I want one?”  Well darlings, I’ve got some spare time, since I’m waiting for mom to finish my diamond-encrusted collar, so let me tell you all about these distinctive beauties.

  • Rustic diamonds are real diamonds.  But they are imperfect.  Perfectly imperfect.  Just like you, and me of course, which really appeals to people who love beautiful jewelry, but who want something different to show off their style.

  • Rustic diamonds are WAY more affordable than traditional white diamonds and are a show-stopping alternative to bridal jewelry. How much more affordable you ask? Bearing in mind that there are many factors effecting the value of a diamond, here’s a general comparison for you: A 2 ct. “traditional” brilliant white diamond is valued at approximately $15,000, while a gorgeous 2 ct. gray diamond comes in around $1000. 

  • They range in color from yellow to pink to gray to salt & pepper.  Each one is completely unique and flecked or veined with color and oh how they sparkle!

  • They look amazing set in yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver which means not only can you customize both the look, but also the price point.

  • The rings in the Rustic Diamond collection are made to stack, so buying one now makes gift giving in the future a no-brainer. 

  • Because they stack you can build a set commemorating important milestones like graduation, births, and anniversaries.

My mom would love to tell you more about rustic diamonds and how she can make you a one-of kind ring, necklace, pair of earrings, or a necklace.  And she would really love for you to come in to the shop and try on all the beautiful rings and build your own stack.  And if you come, here’s a secret – mom keeps champagne in the fridge!